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Our core values - Knowledge, Awareness, Balance and Strength are what we believe need to be in Harmony to achieve overall fitness and well-being. At Sumaya our goal will be to help you achieve this "Harmony" through our professionally guided training and nutrition programs that are tailored to each individuals requirements.

The application of knowledge to a particular context

At Sumaya, we pay special attention to knowledge. This is reflected in the fact that all our trainers and mentors are qualified from leading International organisations like ACE (American Council on Exercise), NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association), AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). We put long hours in the classroom and on the gym floor to create fitness professionals who are not only qualified with accredited diplomas but also personally prepared to handle the most important person for us….You!.

Our trainers and mentors have in-depth experience of the human body, its systems and functioning. They are personally prepared to handle all your concerns at the center as well as outside it. They are here to guide you, motivate you and help you accomplish all your physiological, nutritional, physical and long term - conditioning goals with knowledge, expertise and ease.

Agility. Strength. Balance.

Physical fitness does not begin on a treadmill or bench. It begins in the mind. Awareness encompasses a keen understanding of your body, its characteristics, and its functions. It is the first step and key ingredient of a wellness program. Before you can control your body, you must understand and connect with your inner self. A careful consideration of your beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and goals will help you to achieve physical results in a holistic manner.

At Sumaya, we recognize that each person is different. We will work with you to understand your individual goals, thought processes, mindset and unique characteristics. We will then design a wellness program specific to your needs. This knowledge will not only compliment your workout, but also enhance your day-to-day life. It will help you to gain an in-depth understanding about yourself. It will allow you to function as an agile energy being.

A desirable point between two or more opposite forces.

Balance, as a core value, creates the base for your wellness. Holistic growth requires you to keep the faculties of your mind and body in sync. We will help you create that perfect harmony whereby both your body and your mind work together to achieve congruity; these will help you realize targets you set for yourself. Understanding that this balance is paramount will not only aid in, but also stimulate your growth as a physical and spiritual being.

Mind-body equanimity is the underlying principle of all wellness programs. When your wellness program allows you to approach the world with physical confidence, rational clarity, and spiritual tranquility, you have achieved the ultimate goal. We are determined to get you there. We will work with you to harness the full extent of your energy.

Physical power and energy.

When you begin to test your body's limits regularly, you will be amazed at its capacity to endure. A carefully calibrated and highly focused approach will consistently build your strength, both physically and mentally. Demanding poses, tests of endurance, weights to be lifted may challenge you at first, but will contribute towards the steady progress of your wellness goals. What you once thought to be out of your reach will slowly become routine and effortless. Strength is our core physical value and we want it to become yours as well.


Knowledge, Awareness,
Balance and Strength1