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What others say about us.


I joined Sumaya soon after having had my second child and even though I lost all the weight I had gained within a few months thanks to the intense training I still go to her gym/studio for I am addicted to the format that she has created. I have worked out in all the gyms and spent lots of money but Sumaya's studio is definitely time, money and effort well spent! I love the personal attention one gets and how the routine changes regularly to target the specific part of the body. Apart from Sumaya, who of course is the brain-child behind this, her trainers are the Heart of the Gym. over time they have become like family and like family kick your ass when you derail!!! Personally Sumaya's Gym is the best in town and if one is committed the results do show and her motto does apply " PERFECTION IS POSSIBLE"!!

Sonya Jehan's


Joining Sumaya s was one of the best decisions I made for my fitness and health. Her philosophies to staying fit and the results I have witnessed have changed my life. I enjoy going to her gym, the trainers make it fun to work out! SUMAYA is not just about health and fitness, its a lifestyle.

Anushka Nadia Menon
Fashion Photographer


High-energy gym. Trainers and members are both motivated to reach the desired goal. Personalized training, the best training equipment and a monitored and manageable diet regime gives an edge over other gyms. I drive for 40 minutes to get to SUMAYA even though I have 3 state of the art gyms within 1 km of my home, and its worth every minute

Prashant Sood


My profession makes me travel and visit the best gyms and service businesses in luxury. At SUMAYA the workouts are fun and personalized. They give you a license to cheat on your diet and not put on weight. The trainers are very well qualified, result oriented and focused. Thanks to the steam room, café and fitness related merchandise- you will have enough to do if you reach early. Highly recommended!!!

Ambika Anand
TV Anchor and Fashion Stylist


I have been working out my entire life, and I have never had so much fun working out as I do at SUMAYA. Sumaya Dalmia’s focus and dedication makes it so much more than just a gym for me, its my home away from home, I get health food, the best and most personalized wet areas and the highest quality of trainers and customer service. I look forward to going to the gym every day but I get amazing results in only 3 days a week.

Malini Ramani


I have no time and I have a state of the art gym in my house, I still drive 20 minutes to get to SUMAYA to work out. Sumaya Dalmia’s team motivates me to get fit, not just fit, healthy from within. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Rahul Munjal