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Sumaya vs. GYM

Scientific approach

  • Our customized programs are focused & result oriented. We believe that fitness is beyond losing or gaining weight but achieving the overall fitness.
  • Apart from quicker results, our programs are very helpful in increasing the physical performance. Our customized programs make the impossible seem possible.
  • Our certified team of personal trainers and mentors always motivate our clients to strive for higher standards of fitness.
  • It is these beliefs that drive Sumaya and all of the trainers here in achieving the highest standard of service.
  • Our scientific approach ensures that a custom workout will take the strength, fitness and drive to a whole new level while providing safe and effective exercises to achieve desired fitness goals.
  • Provide our clients with the knowledge and education to develop the skills they need to commit to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Design effective training programs for high performance athletes.
  • Create a fun and interactive environment while remaining focused on their goals.
  • Assist in the rehabilitation of clients that have been injured or suffer from certain medical conditions, by creating a bridge with the medical community.
  • Maintain our certifications, keeping up to date on current trends and research.
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